Our Mission

We provide respectful and compassionate vision care to those in El Salvador who cannot otherwise afford such care. Over an annual two week period we individually examine and provide optometric services, corrective lenses, ophthalmic surgery and ophthalmic prosthetics and receive no financial reimbursement for services or goods provided. Eye Care International has made annual trips to different communities in El Salvador since 1995. By continuing to make these annual trips, we have been able to build a following and a support base with in-country organizations and individuals which help maximize effectiveness and extends our outreach.

Our organization is made up of 100% volunteers; we have no paid staff or directors. Therefore we are able to keep costs low and maximize available dollars, for both patients and volunteers.

We have also been able to effectively partner with Surgical Eye Expeditions International (SEE) for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donated medicines and surgical supplies; with the Lion’s Club to fill the bulk of the eyeglass needs from donations; and coordinate with the Catholic nuns in El Salvador to secure sites for the mission and to inform the local community of our missions.

Additionally Eye Care International works to increase people's awareness of the difficulties faced by people with optometric problems, ophthalmic pathology or other serious illnesses through the process of involving volunteers to provide vision care to individuals in developing countries.


EyeCare International

  • Providing critical vision care to the underserved population of El Salvador

  • Currently organizing our 15th international trip

  • Strives to serve 5000 patients over a 2-week period

  • All volunteer organization - No paid staff